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Siena, view of Torre del Mangia from a window


Children during a treasure hunt in Siena

Treasure Hunt in Siena

Sometimes parents have strange behaviours: they drag themselves (and us too!) into boring churches and museums when we can understand nothing! Don’t let your children say so to their friends, coming back home, but join together with them in a captivating adventure: they will enter a medieval church, actually, but just to give them the opportunity to learn how painters did work, how they realized these golden wooden altarpieces, why they chose a saint instead of another. Then, in a local workshop, they will create their wooden panel on their own! To practice is the fastest and funniest way to learn, parents know it well. So, enjoy the experience with your kids!

Be a Medieval Painter!


War&Peace: from the battles to the animal farm

Do you know Siena has a millenary story? Do you know it was founded by two twins, like Rome? And its territory is divided in 17 neighborhoods which fight each other in a horse race twice a year, the Palio? You can discover this and a lot more in a very easy&funny way, with a scavenger hunt all along the city streets. It will be an amazing walking tour for your kids, and so informative! They would never forget these hours...and hunting always gets to a cushy shoes and let’s go!

Workshop of Medieval Painter

Monticchiello: this cosy and peaceful village was once a fortress, so well equipped to defend the valley and the independence of the Republic of Siena: can you hear the swords clinging? Can you see the lookout patrolling from the highest tower? Middle Ages would be displayed in front of your eyes, for real, and not as a fairytale. Fighting for freedom is the same difficult stuff 700 or 70 years ago, as the stories about the Second World War tell us. But after all this, peace has come...let’s go and see how countryside flourish, and people can live in perfect harmony with nature, in an animal farm where we can taste true local products.

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