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Starting a new adventure...

A new year, a new decade, and a new adventure with this beautiful job. And I'd like to start with this picture, me in front of the only fresco remained in our beautiful Pieve of San Vittore, in Rapolano Terme. Guiding these tours in my hometown was like a dream coming true, expecially when you see people from all over Italy appreciate and enjoy our treasures&history. That's why I love this job!

A tough work

As usual, we have to start with the "thanks". Thanks to my family, from parents to sons, who always supported me. Thanks to all my colleagues (First Class I'm talking about you!), without which I'll never ever become a tour guide, and having fun in doing it! Thanks to my friends, who gave me precious advices and tips in a delicate moment of "transition". And, last but not least, thanks to my husband, who created this website with his own hands, and actually is my right arm in everything I'm doing. Can you imagine coming home after a long day of work and having your wife, waiting for you, sitting at the desk, PC on, as a frustrating and sometimes schizofrenic boss? It was a tough work, priceless.


I hope you will enjoy the trip, sometimes, some days, for a little bit, for a long time, as you wish. I'm gonna share with you my experiences&trips, give you some tips about new tours&exhibitions, suggest some cozy shops&tasty restaurants.

#readytogo - @giuliatourguide

If you want to share some content or give some suggestions (so precious!!) use my hashtag and name, or send me an email, I'll give an answer to everybody, I swear. See you around, friends!

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