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ART ADS. Five minutes break in #coronavirus times

It's been a week I started posting some videos about art. Purpose? To defeat boredom, to talk again with people, to remember to myself how funny is my job, and how much beauty we can find all around us.

I've had an overwhelming welcome, so enthusiastic and warm, I have to thank you so much for. Someone was really touched, some other renewed a forgotten memory of his childhood: these posts became a very lively and wonderful experience, indeed. So I decided to stop posting just when #quarantine would be over...pratically it's President Conte who decides. Since we'll be locked down in our homes - for a quite right reson, absolutely - I'll share with you five minutes of beauty and mental relief everyday, with a weekly special dedicated to kids: the're locked too, and they deserve a proper Boredom, with capital B :-))

Below you have the first episode, the Intro, of the series, and you can follow me on Instagram and IGTV channel @giuliatourguide

on Facebook page @giuliatourguide.

The hashtag of the series is #artads, my posts'one #readytogo Every suggestion or critic is welcomed!

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Oct 05, 2023

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