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Siena, view of Torre del Mangia from a window


goldsmith craftsman at work

Medieval Goldsmith tour&workshop

You know, Siena is full of art and history, and you can be spoiled for choice. Actually, there’s a lot more: hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, and I can open these doors for you. An easy walk in town will prepare you for something really special, giving the proper background about Siena, it art and history. Then , finally, we’ll get into a Medieval palace, and you’ll be overwhelmed  by this stunning collection of paintings, tapestries, furniture, jewelry: all the rooms have been left as the last owner arranged them, a private collection that you can enjoy with me. Then, a good aperitif is waiting for you: what’s better? Let’s go!

Visit a private collection of art in Siena tour&aperitif

Landscape of Crete Senesi

Adventure in the Clay Hills tour&drone photo shooting

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A guided tour in Siena could become a lot of different things, but not with me: it’s not a school lesson, it’s not a conference, it’s not a workout tour up&downhill. It’s a funny, informative experience that will enrich your holiday. That’s why, after an easy stroll in Siena, touching the most important key points, you will enter an handmade jewelry shop and you will practice on your own, discovering more by yourself than after a day-long passive lesson. So, it would be easy to feel the connection between our old tradition of gold and silver jewelry (I’ll show some of these pieces of art in our churches along the way) and the nowadays production, between history and contemporaneity. But with fun!

Siena, view of a room of the  Chigiana

What can make your holiday unforgettable? A surprising experience, something unexpected, a stunning landscape? Everything is inside the territory of the Clay Hills (see “countryside” section for more info). But..something more? Oh yes, you have to take a pic, for sure! But what about a drone pic? During all our tour, walking in the biancane hills, visiting old villages and churches, having lunch in a little courtyard of a family run trattoria, a drone (steered by a licensed drone pilot) will follow us, and at the end you’ll have a CD with all the photos and videos of your adventure in Siena countryside. Priceless!

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